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Motorcycle Vests

During World War II, the lifestyle that fighter pilots became accustomed to was both daring and exhilarating. They were beset by dangerous situations on a regular basis because they spent a good share of their time at traveling at high speeds and defying the laws of gravity. They weren't necessarily engaged in thrill seeking, it was just the nature of the work they did as fighter pilots. In addition, their whole way of life was bolstered by the tight sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the pilots.

When the war ended and they were no longer flying regularly, it left a huge void in their lives. They missed the adrenaline that came from flying. Many of them took an interest in riding motorcycles as a way to fill that void. Sporting their bomber jackets they joined with fellow bikers and went riding together. Soon they began to form riding clubs. Flight suits and bomber jackets transitioned into leather biking attire that enabled the riders to identify with fellow riders and club members.

Most of the biking attire consisted of black leather jackets that sported their riding club's patches and logos. The jackets served the dual purpose of being a symbol of status and belonging as well as protection in event of a crash. However, when it was too hot to wear the jackets all the time, many riders started wearing leather vests. This way they could enjoy the comfort of riding without a heavy jacket, but still have a place to display their patches. Motorcycle vests function primarily as a uniform for the activity of biking and associating with other motorcycle enthusiasts.

Bikers commonly wear leather attire as a safety measure in case they crash, but also to enhance the biking experience. People wear certain types of apparel that are appropriate for particular events. In the same fashion, leather vests have become and integral part of the biking world.

The early designs of leather vests were trendy but not very comfortable to wear. Fortunately, motorcycle attire design has come a long way and will continue to improve and will always be part of the mainstream fashion trends. While black remains the color of choice, it is no longer the only option. There are more colors and style options that meet the needs and design tastes of both men and women of all ages.

When shopping for your motorcycle vests, give yourself the benefit of choosing a quality product. Your motorcycle accessories can last a lifetime if you invest in top-of-the-line brands and regularly clean and maintain your brown motorcycle clothing. You can find the level of quality that you need by doing some research in consumer product publications and searching online retailers of motorcycle apparel.