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The Nature of Style

Different ways of dressing are always being developed. While it might seem like at the moment styles are in a certain area that appears to be attractive, these states will undoubtedly change within the course of a few years. As time goes on, the rate at which styles change and new things come to the fore is ever increasing. Perhaps Juicy Couture replica handbags that were fashionable a few years ago have now been replaced by Fendi replica handbags and these bags will undoubtedly be replaced by a new style before the decade is through. Why do styles continue to change like this? Which style is the best? Why we cannot just stick with one style? In this article, we are going to take a look at a few possible answers.

The main reason styles have to continually shift is that this keeps the economy moving. Let us consider for a second that we have landed on the single style we all want to use. Everyone goes to work or school and out to clubs in a certain way of dressing, and we are all happy. Well, everyone would only need a certain amount of clothes to be content then they would not go shopping anymore. When you compare the way many of us shop today to what this hypothetical situation would bring, you can see the impact that this kind of shift would have on our already fragile economy.

This changing of styles has not come about as an accident; it was actually planned by those who run the economy. The situation described in the above paragraph is called "planned obsolescence", in which it is planned and organized that certain things will be seen as no longer useful while the actual function they are designed for can still be achieved. For example, if you have a shirt with large printing on it, in the faux 80's style that was popular a few years ago, you would have a shirt that still functioned simply as a shirt. There is nothing wrong with it, it covers your body and is probably still pretty comfortable and there are no stains or tears on it. But would you wear it out at any time, probably not. The reason for this is simply that it is not in style and no one wants to be wearing something like that when it is not cool to do so.

If you are looking to save your money and just want to buy as little as you can, stick with colors and designs that are conservative. Generally, it is best to think if something was still wearable ten years ago. If it is then you will probably be able to get away with wearing it in another ten years.

Fashion is a funny thing and it is important you do not get too worked up over whether or not what you are wearing is stylish or not. As long as you are comfortable with the way you look and who you are, you will be able to pull any kind of outfit off. Do not worry so much about what other people think!