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What Interferes With the Natural Communication Between Your Mind

There are several key things that interfere with the natural communication between your mind and body. This has to do with a list of items that once you know about and eliminate, will allow you to excel at peak levels in any sport.

I will give some of the basics that interfere with the communication between your mind and body:

1 - Fears: Your fears will paralyze the natural process in which your mind talks to your body

2 - Negatives: This could be negative emotions about anything that will prevent you from your natural potential in your training and/or performance

3 - Self Sabotage: Self Sabotage is the process of an athlete convincing themselves that they are not worthy of training or performance at an elite level. Although this seems extreme, it does happen all the time and the athlete involved won't realize or know it's happening to him or her

4 - Timing is off: Timing is a crucial component that is the hub of the problem when it comes to the communication between your mind and body. If an athlete would just solve this one thing, then he or she would and could eliminate your Fears, Negatives and Self Sabotage forever.

This article isn't the place to fully go into all of the solutions to the above problems, athletes should really bear down and learn as much as they can about the following:

1. How does Timing work...

2. What is the exact technique in learning Timing...

3. How is Timing applied in your training...

4. How is Timing applied during competition.